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WoW streamer Asmongold over absurd $200,000 offer

We have often reported that successful streamers can earn a lot of money from sponsorship, advertising, donations, payouts and subscriptions. Back in 2014, League of Legends pro "CaoMei" Han-Dong was said to have earned $800,000 per year. Four years later, Twitch streamer DisguisedToast revealed that he comes to at least 20,000 US dollars per month , without sponsorships and income via YouTube. The absolute top stars, such as Ninja or shroud, are now said to earn several million US dollars per year - so you can even shell out 13,000 US dollars for a private jet so as not


miss the evening business school raid.

However, it is still very rare for content producers to actually reveal how much money they earn from their job


The reason for this was revealed a few days ago in one of his videos by Asmongold, perhaps the best-known streamer and Youtuber in the WoW universe. Starting at minute 31:00, the monologue revolves around Twitch, a particularly absurd offer, and more.

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Here is the summary:

  • Asmongold has been offered more than $200,000 before, all for streaming a game for a day. He himself finds it absurd that someone would want to pay him that much money just to play that game, "It's just a waste of money." At the same time, though, he admits that someone like him has to make a deal like that, as long as it's not a virtual game of chance.
  • He himself could easily make an incredible amount more money, if only he wasn't so lazy.
  • The fact that streamers are reluctant to talk about this topic isn't because it's taboo within the industry. Streamers fear that the enormous sums of money will take them too far away from their target group, their viewers.
  • Furthermore, the streamers fear that by disclosing the revenues and profits generated, donations and subscriptions could slip through their fingers in the future, because viewers are less willing to give money to someone who earns so much more than they do.

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