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WoW survey: This is how buffed readers like Classic Phase 4 - Analysis

If you listen to our buffed cast regularly or follow the numerous guides, specials and news about WoW Classic, you know that the author of these lines still logs into the vanilla remaster every day with a lot of fun, motivation and desire. In the raids, the last logs want to be beaten, in the dungeons the last two Tier 0 set parts want to be farmed - rumor has it that the Tier 0.5 set for rogues could be the hit. And the rest of the time is spent on gold and herb farming rounds in Bleak Quarry East or leveling the Warlock Twink.

But what about you? Are you still playing or have you declared your Classic career over? What level is your main character? And how do you like WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic with phase 4 so far? We asked you all these questions and more a few days ago in the course of a survey on the Vanilla re-release. And since many of you have a long weekend coming up, here are the results of the poll!

Have you played WoW Classic or do you still play Classic?

  • Answer 1: Yes, but I have since stopped again - 28.45% (590 mentions)
  • Answer 2: Yes, and I still play Classic - 61.81% (1,282 mentions)
  • Answer 3: No, but I would like to try Classic at some point - 1.74% (36 mentions)
  • Answer 4: No, I don't play WoW Classic - 8.00% (166 responses)

What is the current level of your highest Classic character?

  • Level 1 to 10: 2.01% (42 answers)
  • Level 11 to 20: 3.74% (78 mentions)
  • Level 21 to 30: 4.36% (91 mentions)
  • Level 31 to 40: 5.37% (112 mentions)
  • Level 41 to 50: 6.29% (131 mentions)
  • Level 51 to 59: 5.52% (115 mentions)
  • Level 60: 67.48% (1,407 mentions)
  • No character, no level: 5.23% (109 mentions)

What do you enjoy most in WoW Classic?

  • The leveling phase: 17.49% (364 mentions)
  • The twinkling: 2.02% (42 mentions)
  • The PvP area: 4.85% (101 mentions)
  • The dungeon and raid challenges: 30.42% (633 mentions)
  • Spending time in Classic with the guild and friends: 22.44% (467 mentions)
  • Roleplaying experiences: 2.31% (48 mentions)
  • Farming (reputation, gold, items, whatever): 3.08% (64 mentions)
  • The professions and/or trade: 0.62% (13 mentions)
  • I don't have a favorite: 16.77% (349 mentions)

Who among you has mastered the current raid content (MC, BWL, Onyxia, ZG)?

  • Answer 1: Yep, I've already seen the raids from the inside and mastered all of them - 50.50% (1,053 mentions)
  • Answer 2: I have only seen some of the Classic Raids from the inside - 12.85% (268 mentions)
  • Answer 3: No, my character is still too small - 20.96% (437 mentions)
  • Answer 4: I'm already level 60, but I haven't been in raids yet - 6.09% (127 mentions)
  • Answer 5: I don't play Classic - 9.59% (200 mentions)

How do you rate WoW Classic so far? (School grading system)

  • Very good: 23.80% (495 mentions)
  • Good: 46.49% (967 mentions)
  • Satisfactory: 13.94% (290 mentions)
  • Sufficient: 5.05% (105 mentions)
  • Poor: 1.97% (41 mentions)
  • Unsatisfactory; 2.12% (44 mentions)
  • I abstain: 6.63% (138 mentions)

Do you continue to play WoW Classic?

  • Answer 1: Definitely! The goal is Naxxramas! - 43.42% (904 mentions)
  • Answer 2: Sure. It's still fun. Let's see how long - 17,05% (355 mentions)
  • Answer 3: I log in noticeably less often. I'll probably take a break soon or stop - 8.60% (179 responses).
  • Answer 4: I have already hung up my Classic career - 21.85% (455 mentions)
  • Answer 5: No Classic for me - 9.08% (189 mentions)

Opinions from the buffed community

Of course, many of you have also left your opinions on WoW Classic in the comments section. Tirima still sounds very euphoric: "It... is... so... AWESOME! What an incredible game. Been at it since day one and it's still fun." Zarcata's conclusion is quite different: "I weighed it, measured it, and found it not good enough." krutoi has also already quit WoW Classic, but is already looking forward to the next nostalgia trip: "I've hung up my Classic career for now. But with Classic BC and WOTLK, I'm back in full swing. "


s actually going to be very exciting: At the moment, the WoW Classic servers are still very well populated. But how will that develop when the TBC Classic realms go online? What do you think?

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