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WoW TBC Classic: More Tier Tokens in Phase 2 / PvP Gear at Factions

Are you one of those players who have barely been able to dust off a Tier 4 piece of gear in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, despite knocking down bosses in Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Chamber, and Karazhan week after week? No wonder! After all, the nasties only drop one token per ID at a time, and that has to be for your class, and then you have to beat the competition.

Thanks to a PTR update, it won't be long before all players have their desired Tier Tokens in Phase 2!

  • Raufgar, Gruul, and Magtheridon will each drop two Tier Tokens per kill with Phase 2.
  • Leotheras, Karathress, Lady Vashj, Void Skinner, and Kael'thas will drop two Tier 5 tokens from the start.

Blizzard has also implemented the Outland factions' PvP gear on the PTR. These first came into play in patch 2.4, and provide you with plenty of toughening up without having to step foot in a battleground or arena.

The PvP items can be purchased from merchants of certain factions if you have a respectable reputation with those factions. With the final content phase, these reputation requirements will be lowered to Benevolent.

We took our rogue to all the faction vendors to check out the prices for you. Keep in mind that each class gets its own 5-piece PvP set at a comparable level. With two pieces of the set, you unlock a set bonus that grants you 35 toughness. Four pieces of the set unlocks a class-specific bonus (for the rogue: reduces Solar Plexus cooldown by 1 second).

  • Hypocrite's Leather Legguard: Respectfully at Sha'tari, cost: 17 gold, 38 silver, and 58 copper.
  • Hypocrite's Leather Tunic: Respectfully at Lower Quarter, cost: 18 gold, 61 silver, 8 copper
  • LeatherHelmet of the Pretender: Respectable at Circle of Cenarius, Cost: 13 Gold, 80 Silver, 24 Copper
  • LeatherGloves of the Pretender: Respectable at Thrallmar/Honor Feast, Cost: 9 Gold, 16 Silver, 79 Copper
  • Hypocrite's Leather Foundation: Respectful at the Keepers of Time, Cost: 13 Gold, 8 Silver, 82 Copper

Last but not least, the developers emphasized that there will be no honor reset with the start of Season 2. When Season 1 ends, we can expect a two-week break before Season 2 begins. With the start of Season 2, earned Arena Points will then be converted into Honor; 1 Arena Point = 10 Honor.

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