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WoW TBC Classic: Players should be able to afford more PvP gear

In mid-April, the Blizzard developers announced that they would soon bring the third PvP season of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic to an early conclusion. Specifically, the season ends tomorrow, May 4, 2022. The start of PvP Season 4, which should normally be tied to the Sunwell patch, is also scheduled for May 2022.

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Suddenly more PvP equipment

Just before the end of the 3rd PvP season, Community Manager Kaivax spoke up in the official WoW forum. The Blizzard developers had looked at the preliminary results of the season and decided to make the following adjustments so that players can afford more PvP gear.

  • After the end of Season 3, the discount on Season 3 equipment prices will be increased to 60 percent (previously 50 percent).
    • Developer comment: this should allow players with the maximum of 5,000 Arena points to purchase their kit and still have enough points left for a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon + secondary item.

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  • T6 tokens can now be exchanged for Season 3 gear.
  • The arena points calculation has been updated to somewhat equalize the points earned on different ratings.
    • Developer comment: all arena players should now receive more points, with the increase being greatest for low-scoring players.

These changes will be made during the next maintenance and will affect the final calculations of Season 3 this week (May 4, 2022 in this region). Starting May 4, you should also be able to purchase Season 2 gear for Honor and Season 1 gear at a further discount from known retailers.

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