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WoW TBC Classic: Sunwell cleaned in 52 minutes - Oldschool with World First

Yesterday, May 12, 2022, the final raid of TBC Classic opened its doors

. The Sunwell Plateau presents new challenges to Classic TBC players. In its original form anno 2008, mainly the penultimate boss M'uru was a real guild killer. From experience, however, the bosses nowadays no longer posed a challenge.

The Chinese guild Oldschool from the Viscidus server was the first to take down the final boss Kil'jaeden right after the raid opened. Their run through the Sunwell Plateau took just 52 minutes, including defeating Kil'jaeden. The whole thing was streamed by Warlock player Douyu, 無塵 and restreamed by WoW streamer Staysafe on Twitch. You can watch the kill over the final boss in the following clip.

World First Kil'jaeden (TBC Classic) by Oldschool

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In the original TBC, by the way, Kil'jaeden fell only after 62 days of total progress in the raid

. At that time, however, the raid was also timegated. The last section of the Sunwell Plateau was unlocked a good month after it opened.

It was no surprise, however, that ambitious guilds with a lot of experience would race through the remake of the TBC raid. In the end, though, it was a very close head-to-head race and a real speed run between the top guilds. The Avatar guild took just under six minutes longer than Oldschool, with the following Progress squad whizzing to the finish line just two minutes behind the runner-up.

The difference between 1st and 10th place is just under 15 minutes. The final ranking of the top 10 in the Sunwell Plateau of TBC Classic can be seen on warcraftlogs. Would you have thought that even bosses like M'uru will bite the dust? Write us in the comments.

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