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WoW TBC Classic: Will Phase 2 bring another player boost?

As you know, Phase 2 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic started about a week and a half ago and included new raid challenges for level 70 players. We now want to find out whether the premiere of Serpentshrine Cave and Fortress of Storms has had an effect on the endgame stats: Are there noticeably more characters showing up in the raid logs now than at the beginning of September?

For our check, we visited Ironforge.pro again. There, all characters are recorded that have appeared in a log for a TBC endgame content in a certain period of time. So we see how many characters participate in the PvE endgame on the different servers (we don't include the characters that were additionally recorded in the arena for reasons of comparability). The most recent numbers are from the first September ID from September 15, 2021 to September 22, 2021.

  • The US server Benediction can still call itself the largest (TBC) Classic server. 18,763 characters were counted there (before phase 2: 18,098 characters).
  • Gehennas continues to dominate the EU region with 16,087 characters (14,816).
  • The largest German TBC Classic server continues to be Venoxis, with 8,597 characters (8,963 - 61.3 percent Horde).
  • The formerly largest DE server Everlook has recently made another leap and comes to 7,740 characters (6,907 - with a faction distribution of 71.2 percent Alliance).
  • The formerly very busy server Lucifron currently has 2,993 (instead of 3,015) counted characters (with 95.7 percent Horde).
  • On Razorfen 5,452 (instead of 5,113) active characters (with 50.5 percent Horde (for the first time the Horde accounts for a larger share than the Alliance!)) were counted.
  • Dragon's Call has 3,305 (instead of 2,895) active characters (at 68.6 percent Horde)
  • Lakeshire comes to 3,625 (instead of 3,486) active characters (at 67.1 percent Alliance)
  • Patchwerk comes to 3,976 (instead of 3,681) active characters (at 71.8 percent Horde)
  • Transcendence comes to 3,930 (instead of 3,617) active characters (62.81 percent Horde)
  • Heartstriker comes to 2,316 (instead of 2,069) active characters (at 100 percent alliance)
  • For Celebras there is again a small increase: 437 (instead of 412) characters were counted there on Warcraftlogs, 115 of them on Horde side.
  • In total, 378,477 raid-active characters were counted across the US, EU and Russia regions (before phase 2: 374,667).

So phase 2 didn't have too much of an impact on the sheer number of raid logs. How does it look in your immediate environment? Are many people more active since phase 2? Have any players left recently? How do your ingame times currently look like, compared to TBC Classic Phase 1 and WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

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