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WoW TBC Classic: With Phase 3 Blizzard breaks the Pre-Nerf promise!

So far, Blizzard's battle plan for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic has been reasonably clear(if not always well communicated): the developers will present Outland adventurers with the original raid bosses first, if possible, only to eventually nerf them to the ground - as they did in the original Burning Crusade.

Tier 6 Raids on PTR

Visitors of the public test server for phase 3 of TBC Classic have made a remarkable discovery in the upcoming raid instances The Black Temple as well as Battle for Hyjal (via official WoW forum): Apparently Blizzard has offered the weakened versions of the bosses for testing there:

  • The trash enemies from Hyjal dropped Heart of Darkness, for example, which was actually only implemented with Patch 2.2 at the time.
  • Mother Sharaz's Prismatic Aura is said to be the generated version, which would have a noticeable impact on boss strategy and difficulty.
  • Also, the damage of Mother Sharaz's Fatal Affair is not the same as the original version (1,000 damage per tick instead of 3,000).
  • Archimonde has also been reported to have weakened variants of Fear, Soul Burden, and Stranglehold.
  • And anyway, the raid DpS turns out to be so high that even an Illidan doesn't even use abilities like Dark Barrage or his Eye Beam.
WoW: 10 years ago - Retro trailer about patch 2.1 and the Black Temple

What does Blizzard have to say about this?

Community Manager Kaivax weighed in on the discussion over the weekend and confirmed players' fears:

"To clarify, after the release of these raids in the original Burning Crusade, there have been few adjustments to them beyond minor tweaks and bug fixes. Therefore, we will only be releasing one version of the raids in TBC Classic, and it will be the same as the version we have testing on the PTR. There will be no further adjustments later on."

In a second post, Kaivax added: "For the Sunwell Plateau from the last phase of TBC Classic, however, Blizzard plans to offer the pre-nerf and post-nerf versions of the bosses.

What do you think about this decision? Tell us in the comments!

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