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WoW: The best damage dealers in Castle Nathria - according to Top Guild Method

When talking about the best damage dealers in a raid, many players reduce the answer to this question to the pure DpS achieved either in simulations or in real logs. But that's only half the truth. Because a raid in WoW is far more than just mindlessly dealing damage to a target. Battles must be survived, mechanics must be countered, and certain other tasks must be completed. Only by taking all the important factors into the equation can you begin to tell which classes and playstyles are truly good or bad. But of course pure DpS are part of it and play a weighty role.

Besides, it's impossible to come up with a ranking for an entire raid that is always and everywhere true anyway. Battles are too different and generally speaking, you usually play much better with your favorite class anyway than if you want to play another spec or class by hook or crook. And then everyone weights the different factors differently as well. For example, what is more important to you when saving the Sun King? More DpS or the ability to heal Kael'thas on the side? The answer varies from player to player and group to group.

However, the top guild Method sat down and ranked which classes are probably the strongest on average in Castle Nathria. They don't only look at DpS, but also at other useful characteristics.

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We've summarized the list from the video for you with the important arguments for placement.

Table of Contents1

. 10th Place - Retribution Paladin2nd 9th Place - Fury Warrior3rd 8th Place - Fierceness Druid4. 7th place - Shadow Priest5. 6th place - Unholy Death Knight6. 5th place - Marksmanship Hunter7. 4th place - Fire Mage8. 3rd place - Windrunner Monk9. 2nd place - Balance Druid10. 1st Place - Affliction Warlock

10th Place - Retribution Paladin

The Retribution


can deal tremendous burst damage every minute, which fits perfectly with many bosses that have adds popping up or special burst phases at roughly those intervals. He also has a lot of helpful abilities like his boons, auras, and can even dish out some healing when needed. However, the playstyle is a bit rough and outside of his cooldowns, the damage is very manageable.

9th Place - Furor Warrior

The Furor Warrior shines with consistently high damage and brings a few useful effects thanks to his shouts. In addition, the rotation plays very round and without annoying downtime, in which you have nothing to press. The damage on individual targets could be better, but the area damage is very strong. The negative side of the constant damage, however, is the lack of a semi-effective DpS cooldown, which is a negative in fights with burst sections like Silt Fist.

8th Place - Feral Druid

The cats provide very good burst damage on single targets as long as the burst window isn't too small. But the constant damage is also something to be proud of. In addition, they have an enormously high mobility. Unfortunately, they don't bring many useful abilities that a Balance Druid doesn't have in the bag, making it hard for them to out-compete the competition in the few melee slots.

7th Place - Shadow Priest

Enormous damage on single targets and good burst damage on multiple targets. Can flex his Soul of Power cooldown on other teammates as well. However, the priest struggles to maintain his DpS when he needs to move. Also, the cleave damage is rather manageable.

6th Place - Unholy Death Knight

Very strong Execute damage and with the Army of the Dead, a ridiculously strong cooldown. Antimagic Field is one of the strongest raid cooldowns in the game. In return, they also have the worst mobility in the entire game and have major problems keeping their DpS up when they need to switch targets.

5th Place - Marksmanship Hunter

Wild Spirits (Nachtfae) is a ridiculously strong burst cooldown for area and cleave damage, and the Hunter also deals high single target damage. He also has very good mobility and can cast almost any ability on the move. However, he only does really high damage when he has an acceptable level critical hit score.

4th place - Fire Mage

Very high single target and area damage. Thanks to the shields he is also quite resilient and the mobility is also quite good. He also increases the damage of all spell classes thanks to Arcane Intelligence, which is why you always want a mage in the raid. However, the Fire Mage is quite dependent on his equipment. He only deals a lot of damage when the item level is correspondingly high. Also, due to some changes made at the start of Shadowlands, the gameplay doesn't feel particularly rounded.

3rd place - Windrunner Monk

Extremely high burst and cleave damage and at the same time very high damage on single targets. On top of that, it has very high mobility. However, there are always gaps in the rotation during fights against single targets, which makes the game unround. However, due to the weak scaling with increasing equipment, the Monk will clearly lose strength in upcoming raids.

2nd Place - Balance Druid

The Boomkin has equally strong single-target and area-of-effect damage, thanks largely to its Legendary. Thanks to Convocation of Spirits (Night Fae), he also has an absurdly strong cooldown that provides ridiculous burst damage. On top of that, he has good defensive cooldowns like Tree Bark and Bear Shape, as well as high flexibility thanks to Heart of the Wild. In return, he has very few significant weaknesses.

1st Place - Affliction Warlock

Extremely high damage on one to three targets, which is important in almost every fight in Castle Nathria. The burst damage is also among the strongest to be found in WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

. However, the gameplay is quite error-prone and complicated. Mistakes are punished with high DpS loss, which can quickly turn the class into a mediocre damage dealer. Also, he gets in trouble when he has to switch targets and only has moderate area damage.

What do you guys think about this? Do you agree with Method's list or have you had a different experience in the Castle Nathria raid?

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