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WoW: The fate of the night elves of Teldrassil in Shadowlands

The Shadowlands are the afterlife of World of Warcraft. This mystical place is the last refuge for the souls of the deceased, whose time in Azeroth has expired. Four powerful pacts rule the four great realms of WoW: Shadowlands, taking care of the souls of mortals and preparing them for their rebirth. However, for some time now, the order and balance between life and death have been disturbed. Most souls, both good and evil, have been drawn directly into the dark maelstrom, and the four great realms of the dead are slowly drying up due to the lack of anima.

This cruel fate befell the majority of the night elves who died in the Burning of Teldrassil and the War of Thorns

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example. Instead of waking up in one of the four realms, their souls ended up directly in the Maw. The great faction war in Azeroth was so cruel and sacrificial that the onslaught of souls broke even the machinery of death. However, on the test servers in the Arden Forest, our heroes learn that some Night Elves were able to escape eternal damnation and the Maw.

Caution! Spoilers follow now!
WoW: The fate of the night elves of Teldrassil in Shadowlands (8) Source: buffed Our heroes and a mysterious power saved the few lucky night elves and guided their souls directly to the forest of the Winter Queen. There, these Kaldorei speak of their experiences in life and after their deaths. Most of them are well-known NPCs and quest givers who trained budding night elf heroes in Teldrassil until the current expansion.

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WoW: The Fate of the Night Elves of Teldrassil in Shadowlands (1) [Source: wowhead

]Jandria, for instance, was a priest-teacher who taught acolytes of Elune in the Temple of the Moon


"Elune has not forgotten us. You, who saved us, are proof of that. I wonder if we still have a role to play, a duty to fulfill. We must be patient."

Astaril Starseeker was also a priestess of Elune who taught aspiring priests in the Temple of the Moon.

"When I closed my eyes, I thought the next face I would see would be Elune's. Thank you for not giving up on us."

Anaris Windwood is a druid who played a role in the short story Lamentation (part of BfA Collector's Edition). He addresses less euphemistic words to us.

"The war took a terrible toll on our people. More than from any other. It cannot go unanswered. I hope you will stand with us when we finally get our revenge."

Ferryn is another Kaldorei druid from Lamentation.

"Thank you for bringing me back. If you plan to return to the Maw, could you keep an eye out for someone? Her name is Delaryn."

Ferryn's question about Delaryn is particularly bitter because Sylvanas not only cruelly ended the struggling night elf's life (seen in the animated short Warbringer: Sylvanas), but shortly thereafter resurrected Delaryn as undead and robbed her of her sanity.

WoW: Sylvanas - Second part of the animated short film series Warbringer World of Warcraft from €14.99

Ilthalaine was a quest giver, taking in new night elf heroes.

"For so long, I helped young, ambitious elves find their way. Now I'm at the beginning of my own adventure. I wonder, is this how they felt when they first came to a new grove?"

Denalan fulfilled a similar role to Ilthalaine as a quest giver in Teldrassil.

"Have you ever seen such a magnificent forest? The trees! Thank you for taking me out of this terrible place so I could see it with my own eyes."

Some of these souls are overwhelmed by the beauty of the Arden Forest, while others admonish the heroes, reminding them that they must never lose their faith in the goodness of the Moon Goddess. Jandria even considers the help of our heroes, who are able to free some souls from the clutches of the Shadow Master, as Elune's blessing. So, did the Moon Goddess not leave the Kaldorei after all?

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