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WoW: The Great Enigma - Sylvanas' Bow now drops with item level 246 after all

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Update: The great mystery surrounding Sylvanas' bow Rae'shalare, Whisper of Death continues. Wowhead reports that the legendary bow is dropping in heroic mode at item level 246 after all. They got the information from the player named Tapz, who was able to snatch the weapon from the Banshee Queen with item level 246 in Heroic Mode with his Orc Hunter Orientem. Reminder: Last week, Sylvanas dropped her item-level 233 weapon as loot, regardless of raid difficulty.
Orc Hunter Orientem got his Legendary Bow in Heroic Mode from the Sanctum of Domination with item level 246. Source: wowhead Maybe it's an undocumented hotfix that corrected the item level of the bow. Now there are two more questions: What will happen to the 233ger bows from last week's heroic mode? Will Blizzard's developers be so accommodating as to upgrade them for free? How exactly Wisp's Tendon (upgrades the bow to item level 246) and Ethereal Feathering

(upgrades the bow to item level 259) work and what drop chance the two epic items have also remains a mystery for now. Blizzard will hopefully make an official statement on this sooner rather than later.

Original news: The gates of the new WoW raid Sanctum of Domination have been open for some time. This week, the first groups of heroes are heading out to put the fear of God into the Dungeon Master's servants on Mythic difficulty. We already know how the story of Sylvanas Windrunner plays out at the end of the raid. However, her legendary bow Rae'shalare, Whisper of Death

has been a bit of a mystery until recently.

Item level 233 for all difficulty levelsThe

mystery surrounding Sylvanas' Bow has been at least partially solved


Huntsmen are allowed to carry Sylvanas' Bow alongside the usual two Legendarys, and they can actually give the weapon to other loot-eligible fellow hunters in the raid. We also previously reported that the weapon can be upgraded later on, depending on the difficulty. What you'll need to do this are the epic items Wisp Specter Tendon (upgrades the bow to item level 246) and Ethereal Feathering

(upgrades the bow to item level 259). The upgrade items should prevent frustration and ensure that hunters don't have to farm the bow multiple times.

In other news, hunters who have been lucky enough to capture Sylvanas' Bow in recent weeks report that the weapon has an item level of 233

, even in Heroic mode. This means that the legendary bow will always have the same item level, regardless of raid difficulty. This rule will likely apply to the mythic variant of the bow as well.

As for upgrade items, there is some bad news. Wisp Ghost Tendon and Ethereal Feathering are considered rare loot. So there's no guarantee that Rae'shalare bearers will get the items at Sylvanas. This was also confirmed by a Spanish Gamemaster

. Those who are unlucky will have to wait several weeks or even months to upgrade their legendary bow to the highest item level.Support buffed - it will only take a minute. Thank you!

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