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WoW: The last time your spec was represented in a World First Kill.

Redditor Velinian went to the trouble of combing through the WoW World First Kills of the last few years. It was recorded when which spec was last present at a World First Kill of any boss of the respective raid. While you can't derive detailed insights of today's metagame from this now, it is interesting to see how the playstyles of the classes in WoW have been represented in the highest difficulty of WoW PvE over the years.

Death KnightBloodKel'thuzadJuly 17th, 2021
FrostCarapace of N'ZothFebruary 2nd, 2020
UnholySylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
Demon HunterDevastationSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
VengefulSire DenathriusDecember 23rd, 2020
DruidBalanceSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
WildnessOdynNovember 11th, 2016
GuardianArgusDecember 13, 2017
RecoveryOrgozoaJuly 18th, 2019
HunterAnimal DominationPainsmith RaznalJuly 15th, 2021
MarksmanshipSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
Survival HunterBlackhandFebruary 20th, 2015
MageArcaneSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
FireSire DenathriusDecember 23rd, 2020
FrostKel'ThuzadJuly 17th, 2021
MonkBrewmasterSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
MistcasterHuntsman AltimorDecember 15th, 2020
WindrunnerKel'ThuzadJuly 17th, 2021
PaladinHolySylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
ProtectionSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
RetributionKel'thuzadJuly 20th, 2021
PriestDisciplineSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
HolyEye of the JailerJuly 13th, 2021
ShadowFatescribe Roh-KaloJuly 16th, 2021
RogueAssassinateRemnant of Mink'hulJuly 13th, 2021
LawlessnessQueen's CourtJuly 18th, 2019
DeceptionGuardian of the First OneJuly 15th, 2021
ShamanElementalThe NineJuly 13th, 2021
ReinforcementSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
RestorationSoulrender DormazainJuly 13th, 2021
WarlockAfflictionSire DenathriusDecember 23rd, 2020
DemonologySylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
destructionKel'ThuzadJuly 17th, 2021
WarriorWeaponsSylvanasJuly 20th, 2021
FurorN'ZothFebruary 9th, 2020
ProtectSire DenathriusDecember 23rd, 2020

Just recently, the World First Race took place in the Sanctum of Domination. So many playstyles are freshly represented in the list. Noticeably, the two Druid specs Feral and the Druid's Tank spec have not been represented in a World First Kill in four to five years. Playstyles like the Feral are among the niche specs in World of Warcraft (buy now €14,99 )

. And then there's the survival hunter.

Hunters are often featured in World First Kills, but the last time a survival hunter participated dates back to the second raid of Warlords of Draenor. Over 6 1/2 years ago now. WoW veterans will remember: back then, survival playstyle was still a ranged class. Since WoW Legion, the Hunter survival playstyle has been revamped. Although the playstyle is a lot of fun for some players, the spec has barely been represented in World of Warcraft raids since then. Even the buffs with patch 9.1 couldn't change that.

The issue of the survival hunter's problems has been addressed many times in the meantime. Most recently in our column: Meme-Spec Survival Hunter is not taken seriously by Blizzard.

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