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WoW: The omnipotence of tanks - Method kills 7/12 Mythic bosses

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Update May 2, 2020:
After the past success of the tank-only groups, the group around Method's Noggie is now reaching for the stars. The goal: successfully defeating N'Zoth on the highest difficulty. As WoWHead recently reported, the first steps seem to have been taken, because in the first run the group has so far been able to put the fear of God into seven Mythic bosses.

Which lineup will be used?

  • 19 Blood Death Knights
  • 1 Vengeance Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter seems to be needed here mainly because of his Chaos Brand, which also increases the damage of the Corruption effect Twilight Devastation. Wrathion may have presented the group with the biggest challenge at the moment, as Death Knights cannot reset the Mythic ability Creeping Madness. As a result, the positioning game actually had to go perfectly - and ultimately cost the group seven wipes.

You can watch the whole run on Nnoggie's Twitch.tv channel - for fans of any kind of data we have also picked out the WarcraftLogs (separate Wrathion log). Enjoy!

Nnoggie 20 Tanks vs Ny'alotha MYTHIC by Nnoggie on www.twitch.tv

Original news from April 27, 2020:
Just a few days ago, a group of five tanks was able to complete a level 18 mythic dungeon with relative ease, impressively proving that tanks currently don't need the support of healers or damage dealers. And this apparently applies not only to dungeons, but also to raids. The top guild, Method, entered the Heroic version of Ny'alotha with 30 tanks, all equipped to the teeth with Twilight Devastation.


group had virtually no obstacles to overcome and ran through the raid faster and smoother than some conventionally equipped groups.

The raid consisted mainly of Blood Death Knights, some Demon Hunters and Warriors, as well as a Paladin, a Druid, and a Monk. All tanks had the Corruption effect Twilight Devastation at least once. This causes a lot of damage to tanks because it is based on the maximum health of the wearer. Death Knights are currently so powerful that they rarely need healing from other players, even as a single tank.

Method has posted a short summary of the raid evening, which we've linked to below. If you'd rather watch the full run, you can do so on Noggie's Twitch channel. Again, we've posted the VoD for you below.
In addition, they also logged the raid and posted it online at Warcraftlogs. So if you're still in doubt about how overpowered Twilight Devastation is for tanks, you can take a look there.

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you think tanks are too overpowered at the moment or do you rather blame the not well balanced corruption effects? And how do you find such actions in general - rather a waste of time or nice entertainment in times when there is little to do in WoW (buy now 14,99 € )?

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