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WoW: Torghast overhaul - also get soul ash if you fail

With the upcoming patch 9.1, most of the features of WoW Shadowlands will not be fundamentally reworked, but the developers will make minor adjustments here and there. The goal of these changes should be to increase the fun of the game and to lower the frustration level of the players. Both can use the feature Torghast well. Even the developers at Blizzard can see that it can be extremely frustrating and unmotivating when you spend hours in the tower only to end up empty-handed. Therefore they are currently working on smaller adjustments regarding Torghast.

For one thing, the death counter is to be reworked. This is necessary anyway, since it no longer makes sense for Tarragrue to chase you down at some point, since you will defeat and kill him in the Sanctum of Domination, the new raid of Patch 9.1. Specifically, in an interview with PC Gamer, Ion Hazzikostas said they're looking to replace the death counter. Instead, they want to introduce some sort of scoring system where you can keep trying to get through Torghast better, faster, and with fewer deaths. You should never have to leave the tower completely without loot again, though. Unless you fail several times on the first level and then leave voluntarily. But that would be perfectly okay - according to Hazzikostas.

However, the game director did not reveal exactly what this scoring system will look like. Also, whether you can then play the wing multiple times to still earn the missing soul ash, if you were not particularly successful in the first run, is currently still unclear.

How would you like such a scoring system? Would you be more motivated to visit Torghast if you could be sure to come out with some loot either way?

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