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WoW: Torghast tip - How to reset animaboni

The following scenario has probably happened to every WoW player in Torghast at least once: We start a new run on the highest level full of anticipation, but only get moderately good anim bonuses after completing the first hallway. Too bad. But there's a way to at least mitigate this problem - and we'll explain it to you now.

Divided bonus is double bonus

As two Reddit users have found out, you can influence the anima bonus on the different levels of Torghast at least minimally. If you complete the first corridor of any Torghast level, the available anima bonus remains the same on the other levels. This means that you can test beforehand whether a run on level 12 is worthwhile in terms of the anima bonus or not.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enter the lowest level of any Torghast wing.
  • Fast-forward to the end of the first hallway of that level.
  • Collect the animazelle at the end of the hallway, but do not enter the second hallway if the animazelle is yours.
  • Exit the Torghast Wing.
  • If you are satisfied with the anima bonus, log in to the level of your choice in the same wing to receive that same anima bonus again.
  • If you want a different anima bonus, enter the second hallway after collecting the anima cell to reset the bonus. Then exit the level and start over.

If you want to solo a Torghast wing, you can also complete the first hallway of level 12 and check to see if the enemies drop any usable anima cells for you. If they don't, exit the level and restart the run. As long as you don't enter the second hallway, the anima cell will remain the same at the end, but the bonuses you get from the enemies will be reset. This way, you can make sure you have the best possible starting point relatively quickly if you want to complete level 12 in Torghast with a five-star rating.


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