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WoW: Upgrade Legendary Cloak to rank 11 now - requirements and details

The legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas is one of the most important items in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Patch 8.3. Not only that you don't even need to compete against N'Zoth in Ny'alotha without it, it is also enormously helpful for all other content of the game. Because besides the high item levels, it reduces the corruption that you accumulate by wearing corrupted items. To make your character more and more powerful over time, you should regularly upgrade the cloak by completing the Disturbing Visions. However, this is not possible endlessly, as Blizzard has introduced a maximum level that increases weekly. In the current ID it is possible for you to bring the cape up to level 11. However, if you weren't happy last week about the fact that multiple completions of the visions were necessary, you'll be even less happy now.

Four Disturbing Visions required

To bring the cloak from rank ten to rank eleven, Furorion requires you to complete eight Ripped Page of Fear and Flesh. You get these for completing a side area in the Disturbing Vision. It doesn't matter if you complete one of the easier (corrupted) or harder (lost) areas. It also doesn't matter if you defeat the final boss. However, the number of pages you can get per vision is limited to two. Even if you complete all the areas plus the final boss, you'll only get two pages. Still, it's worth it, of course, because you'll get significantly more Corrupted Keepsakes in that case. In any case, you will need at least four runs to upgrade the cloak. Here is all the important information in short form:

  • You need eight Torn page of Fear and Flesh.
  • You get one page for completing a corrupted or lost area.
  • You get a maximum of two pages per Disturbing Vision.
  • You do NOT have to kill the final boss (Alleria) for this.

For the Rank 11 upgrade, your cape will increase two item levels, gain seven points more Corruption Resistance, and lower your Mental Health loss in Visions from 50 to 65 percent.

Cloak LevelItem LevelCorruption resistanceReduction of mental health loss (%)
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