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WoW: Void Focus - The new Craft Forge is available from January 22.

This Wednesday, January 22, the 4th season of content patch 8.3 will begin in the current World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth, bringing, among other things, the new affix "Awakened" for mythic keystone dungeons, the heroic mode for the Battle for Dark Coast, and the Ny'alotha raid.


line with the new challenges, you will once again have the opportunity to craft powerful items with numerous new crafting recipes. In order to craft the items, you will need a special forge called the Void Focus, as you did in Nazjatar. We have already described how to get the Void Focus in this article. Originally, the recipe for the Void Focus was supposed to be available with the launch of patch 8.3, but then it was postponed by one week until the start of the raid. Starting this Wednesday, January 22, you will finally be able to enjoy the new items of levels 440, 455, and 470.

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