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WoW World First Race: The fear of the third mythical ID is going around

With the third raid of WoW: Shadowlands, the developers have once again shown that they have made the raid content of their MMO even more challenging. Normal mode is no longer the glorified LFR mode, the final bosses on heroic are looking more and more like Mythic encounters, and even the top guilds in the world are currently despairing of the fifth-to-last boss of the raid after over 340 pulls.

Guilds that have spent what feels like 16 hours a day preparing for the World First Race over the past three weeks and have the best gear to date, including 4-set bonuses, are struggling at the 7th boss, Halondrus. The first Mythic ID will end soon.

Will the World First Race go into the third Mythic ID?

As of now (Monday, March 14, 2022), US guild and co-favorite for the World First title Liquid has one day left to defeat Halondrus before players head into the next ID. What's exciting for viewers and continues to drag out the event is a bit scary for the top guilds at the moment.

Even with the live event hosts, the question of whether the event could go longer than two weeks this time around keeps coming up. The actual "Wall Boss" Anduin has not even been tackled yet and could keep the top guilds busy for at least two days. Then you would definitely be in the second ID and possibly still have chunks like Rygelon and Lords of Terror ahead of you, which could also take two or more days due to their boss mechanics.

World of Warcraft: The final cinematic with the dungeon master (spoilers!)

And who knows what a tough nut the dungeon master will be. As the final boss of the expansion, it should not fall directly on the first or second day. Due to the fact that the guilds spent more time than usual in the Heroic and Normal modes of Mausoleum of the First because of the tier sets at the beginning of the World First Race, the schedule is getting tighter. Normally, the World First Race event is expected to last about two weeks. Currently, a third mythical ID cannot be ruled out.

What's the problem with a longer event?

First of all, there is quite a bit of logistics and therefore money behind the event for guilds like Echo, Liquid, and other large organizations that have gathered at an event location specifically for the World First Race. A three-week event instead of a two-week event means more expenses for catering, presenters, IT, etc.

Some events may even have to be moved back home or canceled in week 3. According to Liquid and Echo, the two weeks have a bit of flexibility, but you can't drag the event out too much. Also interesting: 10

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For the competition itself, a third ID means that double Legendarys will be unlocked from then on. Players will then be able to carry a second Pact

Legendary in addition to their normal Legendary. This increases the strength of the character enormously and could trivialize close boss fights. And there would be the much discussed time difference between the two opponents Echo (EU) and Liquid (US).

Echo could possibly be doomed to defeat the dungeon master in the second ID. If they fail to do so, Liquid, who start the third ID a day earlier, so to speak, can tackle the Dungeon Master with two Legendarys in tow. Provided, of course, that both guilds are already at the final boss and he is within kill range. We're curious to see what the next bosses after Halondrus look like and if they're hard enough that we'll see a third Mythic ID. When do you guys think the dungeon master will drop? In the second or third ID? We're eager to hear your opinions in the comments.

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