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WoW: You should currently avoid this Korthia zone in war mode

Particularly nasty warlocks can put your character in a disconnect at a certain point Korthias, which occurs again and again as soon as you log back in with the character. This keeps repeating and you'll be trapped in a disconnect loop. In War Mode, avoid the zone marked on the map unless you need to do something there.

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So far it is not known if Blizzard is working on the bug or when it will be fixed. If you want to farm treasure or complete quests there, you may want to disable War Mode for those tasks. Reporting said Warlocks, who appear to be taking advantage of this bug, may not hurt either.

Solution for the Disconnect Loop
If you're a victim of this sorcery, your character doesn't have to hang around in the disconnect nether forever. You can use the old stuck option, which can now be found in the help menu. Simply log in with a different character. Call up the game menu (ESC) and navigate to "Help" at the top. This is also where you can start item recovery.
Scroll to the middle of the screen and click on "Stuck Character Service" under the self-help options. Then click Continue and select the character that is stuck in the disconnect loop.

Your character will then be teleported to another location. This option can only be used once every nine hours per account, so use it carefully and don't run into the warlocks again.

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